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    To Galaxidi is a coastal town in the prefecture of Fokida. It is one of the most popular traditional villages managed to attract thousands of visitors every year, embracing their warm hospitality and beauty. It is a beloved destination for short excursions throughout the year, it harmoniously combines sea and mountain. 

     Galaxidi is only 210 km from Athens and 95 km from Patras and it can be the base for visiting the surrounding areas, Delphi, Arachova, Agoriani in Parnassus, Nafpaktos ...


Usefull phones

Municipality   22653-51200
Police   22650-41222
Port   22650-41390
Farmacy   22650-41122
Rural surgery
Folklore Museum   22650-41910
Maritime Museum      22650-41795, 41558
Parthenagogio   22650-41911









Distances from Galaxidi

To Agoriani   67 km (through Arachova)
To Arachove
  30 km
To Gravia
   60 km
To Delphi
  32 km
To Eratini
  21 km
To Nafpaktos
  70 km
To Parnasson ski centre
  54 km




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